528-530 Ramona Street

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About the Property

Located in a historical district in downtown Palo Alto, this three-story building was completely renovated in 2000. The building is comprised of 13,230 sq.ft. of mixed-use space with two retail tenants on the ground floor. The building is listed in the National Register of Historical Buildings.


Size: 13,230 square feet

Status: Completely renovated in 2000.

Tenants: Forest Spa Boutique, Mansoor & Gore, TCV

Historic buildings, generally at least 50 years old, can contribute much to the vitality of a downtown. “They are very important. They have character,” said Roxy Rapp, a Palo Alto developer who has been involved in four restoration projects. “Historic buildings are a part of the fabric of community. They help give us our sense of place,” Anderson said.